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We are committed to protecting your privacy when using our website is provided, private information and personal information (collectively, "Personal Information") that we collect, use, storage and transmission of personal data in line (with the personal data privacy relevant laws and regulations) and the highest standards of consumer protection.


To ensure that you have our full confidence in the processing of personal data, you Qieyao read and understood the terms of the Privacy Policy. Especially once you use our website you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed commitments and ensure that: Your consent to us along with the required disclosure of personal information under voluntary; you comply with all the terms and restrictions of this Privacy Policy; you for registration on our website, data will be collected; you agree to any changes to our privacy policy in the future; you agree to our subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, then you might be interested in products and services contact you (unless You already said you do not want to receive such messages).


Species collected personal data

Your consent, we may collect, manage and monitor personal information. In order to provide you with our services, you will need to supply personal information that we believe to achieve your instructions and further improve our services needed and anonymous information, including but not limited to:

Profile - your name, sex, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, home address or mailing address, e-mail address. Anonymous information

Collection of personal data and the purpose and use of anonymous data are as follows:

Through our website we provide various services to you;

When you use our website, you can identify and confirm your identity;

Allowing you to use our website to get a feel for you provided when;

Our customer service personnel when there is a need to contact you;

Statistics of our site usage data;

Make it easier when you use our site;

In order to improve our products, services and website content and conduct market research surveys;

As we engage in the activities of marketing and promotional programs to collect data;

Comply with the provisions of law, government and regulatory authorities, including but not limited to personal information disclosure and notification requirements;

Let us and may be in our branch offices, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agents, partners, or other services we work with third parties outside of the country you live in promotion of products and / or services;

On the services we provide, analysis, verification and / or review your credit, payment and / or status;

Processing your request any payment instructions, direct debit and / or credit arrangements;

You can make the operation of your account and / or make us withdraw from the account of outstanding service charges;



When you visit our site, we went to record our performance and check online advertising using Google Stats via cookies. Cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Only when you use your computer into our website, Cookie can only be sent to your computer's hard drive. Cookies habits and preferences often used to record visitors navigate various items on our website when. Cookies information collected is anonymous collective statistics do not contain personal information. Cookies can not be used to obtain the data on your hard disk, and your e-mail address, and your private data. When you re-petition on our website, you can save steps again for registration. Most browsers are initially set to accept Cookies. You can choose to set your browser to not accept Cookies, Cookies or if a is loaded on to let you know. However, if the ban is set to Cookies, then you may not start or use certain features of our website.

If you do not prohibit or remove cookies, each time you use the same computer to our website, our web server will notify you that we petition our website, and then we'll recognize that you and pick up your registration data and payment data collect information about usage, market research, and participation in the process of deeds promotional activities information.

You can change the setting to your computer browser on our website to decide whether to accept the cookie. If you wish, you can change the setting on your browser. If you set your preferences on the browser, so that you can accept all cookies, you are notified cookies sent, or even reject all cookies. However, if the choice or not cookies in your browser to refuse all cookies, you may not use or activate certain features of our site, or may need to sign in to your profile.


Save profile and anonymous data

You provide us personal information and anonymous data, leaving only to collect the object is achieved when the regulation should apply unless the laws and regulations set and maintained.

Ownership and disclosure of personal information

All information gathered on our website is owned by us, we will not rent or sell to any unrelated third party. However, personal information may be disclosed to:

Direct marketing

Once you provide us with personal information, you may receive from us or our subsidiaries and to you phone, email, and direct communication. If you do not wish to receive our direct sales and marketing materials, please write to us according to the following address. We will respect your request not to use your personal data in direct marketing activities on.

Protection of personal data

We have implemented measures physical, electronic, managerial and technical aspects of Botox to protect and safeguard the security of your personal information. We try to ensure through our site to collect any personal information from any and all third party unrelated to our nuisance. Our security measures include, but are not limited to:

Physical measures: there are records of your personal data will be stored in a locked place.

Electronic measures: there are computers in your profile data will be stored on the sign is strictly restricted computer systems and storage media.

Management measures: Only our authorized employees to access to your personal information, such staff need to comply with internal codes of our personal information confidential.

Technical measures: possible uses, such as Secure Socket Layer Encryption encryption technology to transport your personal information. Other measures: Our web servers are "firewall" protection.


If you are aware of any security vulnerabilities on our website, please do not go to contact us so that we can properly take appropriate action as soon as possible. Although the implementation of these technologies and security measures, we can not guarantee delivery of information on the Internet is absolutely safe, so we can not absolutely guarantee that you provide to us at all times personal data is secure through our website. The product of any unauthorized access to your personal information that occurred Coming to an event we do not assume responsibility for any loss or damage caused by or in this context, we are not responsible for compensation.



If any of the parents or guardians of minors to believe in without parental or guardian consent or approval to provide us with personal information, please feel free to contact our customer service department to ensure that the data is removed from our marketing list removed.

Access to, and correction of personal data

You have the right to:

Query whether we hold any of your personal information;

We pick up your personal information held;

Require us to correct any incorrect personal information;

From time to time consult the nature, methods and implementation of policies related to personal data held by us.

However, in extremely limited circumstances permitted by law, we can not allow you to pick up your personal information, such as:

If you have access to, and get your personal information that you might have dangerous;

When your personal information may affect an ongoing investigation;

When it comes to your profile court proceedings, and may be limited discovery.

When your personal information relates to a commercial decision-making process on sensitive;

When another person's personal information is also contained in the same a record.

If you wish to access or correction of personal data or solicit personal information about policies, implementation methods and types of personal data being held, we should send a letter to the following address. It requires providing access to or correction of data may have to pay a reasonable fee for the processing.


Keep your password safe

In addition to our efforts to ensure the security of your personal information is stored and processed, you should not disclose your password or account information to anyone, to protect your personal information. After each time you log on to our website, especially if you are using a public computer or Internet terminal to others, make sure to remember the operation is completed click Exit. For your efforts and assist us to protect your personal information is absolutely helpful.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may from time to time (without prior notice to You) is modified. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on our website.


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