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Ford KM Tool Can Bus V2.0 Ford KM Tool Mileage Correction Kit With V2.0 Ford KM Tool software

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    Ford KM Tool Can Bus V2.0 is New KM Tool CAN BUS for Ford by OBD2. Ford KM Tool Mileage Correction Kit With V2.0 Ford KM Tool software. Ford KM Tool Can Bus V2.0 Update Online Fix Bugs of Accessing ECU.

    Ford KM Tool Can Bus V2.0 Ford KM Tool Mileage Correction Kit With V2.0 Ford KM Tool software

    New KM Tool CAN BUS for Ford by OBD2 Xhorse KM Tool For Ford CAN BUS V2.0 Update Online Fix Bugs of Accessing ECU

    Reasons To Get Ford KM Tool:

    1. Newest Software: V2.0
    2. Language: English
    3. Operating System: Windows XP
    4. Fix Bugs of Accessing ECU with MONDEO 2008-, SMAX DIAG and GALAXY 2006
    5. Update Online

    Ford KM Tool Can Bus V2.0 Description:

    1. Ford KM Tool(CAN BUS) includes 3 parts: OBDII Device, sense dongle, software.
    OBDII device: it should connect car and computer.
    Sense dongle: it must connect to computer while the software is running.
    Software: First choose car type, then you can use Read KM to get the old KM. Also you can use Write KM to change KM in car.

    2. Function
    Read KM: Read KM from car
    Write KM: Write new KM into car.
    About…: The support instrument dash num, device info, newest version, update etc. All info can be get from here.

    1).While the KM is Reading:

    2) After Reading Success

    3) While Writing KM

    4) After Written Success.

    While change KM, just follow the tips give in software bottom.
    You can try some times if  write KM failed.


    1). Support Instrument Dash:

    *AA06-*-*    VP6M2F-*-*    VP8M2F-*-*    *8A6T-*-*    *6S6T-*-*    *4M51-*-*    *8V4T-*-*    *4L2T-*-*    *7R33-*-*    *8L8T-*-*  
    *8C3T-*-*    *9T1T-*-*    *8T4T-*-*    *7M5T-*-*    *6R33-*-*    *6F2T-*-*"

    2). Device Info: From here you can get you Dongle ID, dongle version, device ID, device version.

    3). Update Online:

    You must connect to internet for update. First you can find the newest version from the bottom. Then you can get you dongle version and device version with button Device Info. You can update your device and dongle if you find new version. For software you can download from our web site.
    Warning: While updating dongle and device, please don’t stop the update process. After update you must reconnect the device. Dongle doesn’t need.

    Ford KM Tool Mileage Correction Kit Package List:

    1pc x KM TOOL Cable For Ford
    1pc x Ford KM Tool USB Dongle
    1pc x CD With V2.0 Ford KM Tool Software

    FAQ of ford km tool

    Q:How can I update it?
    A:after you buy it,in its software,you will see "about",press it,it has update button.
    It can be update on internet.
    Q:Can your for ford km tool do all ford car from 1998-2010?
    A:No,it can not do all car,it can do most ford car,also,It can not do FORD truck.
    Q: "Device not Connected" Error,how to do?
    A: Reason:Hardware not connected to pc with usb Port,please Plug Device to USB Solution.
    Q: GALAXY 12/2006 -not connect ,It only works for galaxy after 2006. It change mileage on dashboard, not on ecu.
    A: that's For mondeo, smax, galaxy cars. you need to change the PIN connect manually:
       The rule is:
        Ford KM Tool ------------> Car
        PIN 6 (High) ------------> PIN 3 (High)
        PIN 14 (LOW) ------------> PIN 11 (LOW)
        PIN 4 (GND) ------------> PIN 4 (GND)
        PIN 5 (GND) ------------> PIN 5 (GND)
        PIN 16 (ACC) ------------> PIN 16 (ACC)
        Pay attention to the car OBD, it's opposite of our device.

    Q: When update for ford  Ford KM OBD, and it shows"Server response error"
    A: pls send  log file to us, We will check where is the problem is.



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