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Conditions of Use based on the following terms and conditions to provide you enjoyed the service, please read and follow. Welcome Terms of Service Agreement (the "Agreement"). This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions applicable to your use, in a variety of tools and services to develop customers cable provided (referred to as "Services").
Acceptance of Terms
The agreement includes all kinds of rules and agreement text have been released or possible future publication. All rules as an integral part of the agreement, the agreement with the body has the same legal effect. in any way to enter and use the Service, you have fully read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (referred to below as the "Terms"). the right to revise, as appropriate based on business needs, "clause" in the form of site notice be updated to no longer notified that you individually. The revised "terms" once in announced that effective. If you do not agree to the amendments, please immediately stop using the "service." If you continue to use the "service", it will be deemed your acceptance of the revised "terms", and when you event of a dispute should be based on the latest "provisions" shall prevail.
Service using the object
You acknowledge that when you complete the registration process or otherwise manner permitted to use the Services, you should have full civil rights and civil acts and engaged to adapt capacity of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. If you do not have the qualification of the foregoing, please do not use the service, otherwise you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences it would lead to, and the right to cancel (permanently frozen) to your account, and to you and your guardian claims. If you represent a company or other legal entity registered in, you represent and warrant that you have the right to make the company or the legal entity of the agreement "clause" to be bound by.
register account
After you follow the prompts to fill in information on the registration page, read and agree to this Agreement and to complete the registration process, or after you are prompted to fill in information in accordance with the activation page, read and agree to this Agreement and to complete all the activation process, or your other when actually used in the manner permitted service, you namely bound by this agreement. You can use your offer or confirmation email, log in as a means of entering
You can set nickname on the account, but you set a nickname must not infringe or allegedly infringe legal rights of others. As you set a nickname allegedly infringes on the legal rights of others, the right to terminate your service, and log off your account. After the cancellation of the account, the nickname will be open to other registered users have the right to use.
Upon completion of registration or activation process, you should be in accordance with legal requirements and follow the prompts to provide accurate corresponding page and update your information in order to make it real, timely, complete and accurate. Reasonable grounds to suspect the information you provided wrong, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, ask you to have the right to issue and / or correction of the notification requirements, and is entitled to make a deal directly delete the data until suspend, terminate your service to provide some or all of, does not undertake any responsibility, therefore you will be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising and adverse consequences.
Account Security
You are responsible for your own login name, nickname and password confidential and shall be the all activities that occur under the login name, nickname, and password (including but not limited to, information disclosure, release information, click the Agree or online submission to the class rules agreement to renew the agreement or purchase online services, etc.) responsibility. You agree to: (a) If any unauthorized use of your login name, nickname and password or any other breach of security, you will notice immediately and will authorize this information is synchronized to website; and (b) to ensure that your Internet access at the end of each period, the correct steps to leave the site. can not be because of your failure to comply with provisions of this paragraph for any loss or damage occurs responsible. You understand that your request need reasonable time to take action, consequences before taking action that has been generated (including but not limited to, any loss to you) do not bear any responsibility. Unless required by law or judicial ruling, and with the consent of, otherwise your login name, nickname and password may not in any way transfer, gift or inheritance (except property rights and related accounts).
Termination of service
Termination of service:
You agree that, in the case not to charge you, may at its sole discretion for any reason (including but not limited to believes that you have violated this Agreement letter and spirit, or that you do not meet the literal meaning of this agreement and the spirit of the act) terminate your "service" password, account (or any part thereof) or your use of the "services". You agree that, in the case of you've been charged, should be based on reasonable suspicion and after the case of e-mail notification of termination of service implementation of the above acts. You further acknowledge and agree, terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement without your services immediately make your account is invalid, or cancel your account and all related information and files in your account and / or prohibit you further access to such files or the "service." After termination of the account, no obligation for you to retain the original account or any information related thereto, or forward not read or send any information to you or third parties. In addition, you agree, will not provide you with the termination of the "service" and any liability to you or any third party.
You have the right to requiring the cancellation of your account, audited by consent, will cancel your account, then, based on the contractual relationship between you and this agreement is terminated. Once your account has been written off, no obligation to keep or to disclose to you any information in your account, you are under no obligation to forward any third party or you did not read or sent the information.
You understand and agree that, after the termination of the contractual relationship between you and
a) the right to continue to save your data.
b) you have to use the service during the offense or breach of this Agreement and / or rules of conduct, still Keyijuben agreement to claim your rights.
c) your use of the relationship between the service and other users, not because of the termination of this Agreement is terminated during use of the service, others still have the right to claim your rights, you should continue your commitment to fulfill their obligations. login logout
If you have not used for three consecutive years to your mailbox, or otherwise approved by this site and password through this website, you have not logged any other site, your login name may be canceled and can no longer log in any one site, all web service will also terminate.
You agree and authorize website, if you have any fraud website, publishing or selling shoddy goods, infringing the legal rights of others or other serious violations of the rules of any site, the site in website within the scope of this right to disclose your login name may be canceled and can no longer log in to any one site, all web services simultaneously terminated. internet service and status
You can search through the internet service offered on website information, export information, participate in activities organized by and other information services and technical services. website only as a tool for internet users to search for information. Meanwhile, not involve legal relations and legal disputes arising from the use of information generated by the user, and will not and can not be implicated in the transaction when the parties to the transaction. Please note, not control or authenticity, legality, accuracy, search for information, they can not control or guarantee the quality of the goods involved in the transaction, safety or legality, as well as the relevant parties to the transaction to perform trade agreement the ability of the obligations under. can not and do not control whether the parties to the transaction to fulfill obligations under the agreement. In addition, you should note that the person acting fraudulently trading risk is an objective reality. hope when you use website, careful and use common sense.
Service Use
About your data rules
You agree and undertake that the information search for themselves or their company use can not be sold to other persons or companies, if found, the right to terminate your services.
You agree and undertake, accounts can not be transferred, or use a more personal account, if found, the right to terminate service.
You agree and undertake commercial competition between companies or individuals service, the right to terminate service.
When your account expires, and no timely renewals, no obligation to retain the original search for your information.
You agree that you will not be any information for commercial use, including but not limited to without the prior written approval, copying any information displayed on the website and on for commercial use.
Since the Internet itself, security vulnerabilities, user information may be hackers (Hacker) modify, delete. B does not bear responsibility.
Internet network accidental obstruction, interruption phenomenon is inevitable normal. Network congestion or disruption phenomena such as random access due to network users is allowed. not you use a search result of violations responsible. as a result of force majeure (unforeseeable, unavoidable and to overcome and one or both parties cause a significant impact on objective events, including natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, pestilence, etc. as well as social events such as war, riots, government behavior ) cause the server can not access, does not assume any responsibility.
Based on the protection of your privacy is a fundamental principle, for which also use "your information" according to privacy statement. All terms privacy statement belongs to a part of this agreement, therefore, you must read carefully. Please note that once you voluntarily disclose trading locations in "your information", such information can be other people to access and use.
force majeure.
For other than for reasons reasonable control, including but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes or disturbances, material shortages or rationing, riots, acts of war, government actions, communications or other facilities failure or serious casualties, etc., resulting in delay or failure to perform, not any liability to you.
Applicable law, jurisdiction and other
The effectiveness of this Agreement, explain, change, implementation and dispute settlement are applicable laws mainland People's Republic of China, in the absence of relevant laws and regulations, shall be referred to general international commercial practices and (or) industry practice.
You and only independent contractor relationship. This Agreement has no intention to form or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment and the employment authorization or characteristics with the empowerment.
You agree due to business needs is entitled to rights and obligations under this Agreement on part or all of the transfer, without further notice to you did get your consent.
Result of this agreement or any of its services or disputes arising shall local people's court.
This Agreement supersedes any written or oral agreement that you and previously made on the same matter. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be revoked, and the remaining provisions should be observed and implemented. Headings are for convenience only and refer to and shall not in any way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of the provision. not breach by you or an other person to take action, it does not mean that withdraw any subsequent or similar breaches the right to take moving event.


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